Thursday, August 13, 2009

Works that we are preparing

Second Chinese Textbook for Elementary School.
Author: Roberto Carlos Pavón Carreón.
21th Day.
Author: Emmanuel Castelán Briones.
Chinese Grammar Summary.
Author: Roberto Carlos Pavón Carreón.
Author: Omar Brindis Furiate.
Check the Czech Language
Author: Roberto Carlos Pavón Carreón.

All these books are in Spanish.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Publications

First Chinese Textbook for Elementary School.
Author: Roberto Carlos Pavón Carreón.
Thoughts and Reflections
Author: Omar Brindis Furiate.
The Death's Ford. In a-Pano-Layan in Míktlan
Author: Manuel Rosas Vigueras.
The 5 Kingdoms. No doubt a most Incredible Chronicles.
Author: Emmanuel Castelán Briones and Ramón Castelán Briones. (in English)

Spanish-Chinese / Chinese-Spanish Dictionary. Mexico Version.
Author: Roberto Carlos Pavón Carreón.
Hebrew Grammar Summary.
Author: Roberto Carlos Pavón Carreón.

Who are we?

We live in Mexico a big nation of whiches welthes are variated in different aspects; in culture unfortunately we have lost land, is not due to talent scarcity or a whole loss of traditions but for little preocupation to diffuse good and positive works created or developed in Mexico. Nowadays the love for stranger things (we call it in Spanish "malinchismo") is almost unconscious when Mexican people exaltes everything done overseas, instead of make a minimal effort to change that impression. Three Jades Publishing House is an organization of which mission is to foster the idea we can, no just make high quality and functionality things, optimal in literary and educative branch in the same level like advanced nations are already, inclusively beat them. Our idea is to look for talents whom develop works of kind we mentioned before in the branches commented on already, slanting in 2 slopes: Historical novel and Linguistics. In the first case, some writers in Mexico have left a little besides this subject and in languages area, you can find only dictionaries of typical languages (English, French, German and Italian) several of them are not even published or at least researched in Mexico. Three Jades Publishing House, desirous to change previous read, reverts the situation with the throwing of 3 unpublished works in Mexico (see our publications), without to enclose to another genres, not by a long shot Mexican or Latinamerican talents in general whose desire to extend this panorama and to reach that in own land they can with us disclose their ideas, fostering in any moment the culture, so much that is needed recover to grow like human beings, objective and without inserted prejudices in our way of being and acting.